• Multi box mounting bracket

    1.Application:These Multi-box mounting brackets are used to secure conduit boxes in stud walls.2.Advantages:These Multi-box mounting brackets allows the installer to quickly and easily mount 4” and 4-11/16” square conduit boxes in stud walls.3.Field Names: Box mounting brackets, box brackets   4.Material : Galvanized SteelPrevious:Universal box mounting bracketNext:Stud wall cable supports
  • Universal box mounting bracket

    1.Application:SThese universal box mounting brackets are used to support electrical boxes mounted to metal or wood studs.They screw directly to the face of metal or wood studs.2.Advantages:These universal box mounting brackets are made from pregalvanized steel ensuring durablity and mechanical protection.Stand off,fold back stabilizer tabs keep boxes from twisting in wall cavities.These brackets are great for prefab.3.Field Names: Box mounting brackets,box brackets.  4.Material: Galvanized Steel Previous:One-piece strut clamps(conduit cradle)Next:Multi box mounting bracket
  • Stud wall cable supports

    1.Application:CJ series stud wall cable supports allow easy installation to secure ROMEX NMSC or MC cables to wood or metal studs. Easy fold-over strap requires no tools.2.Advantages:Cable supports have flared edges for maximum cable protection;Can be used to support up to 6 runs of ROMEX NMSC or up to 4 runs of MC and AC cables.3.Field Names: Bracket 4.Material: Zinc-plated steelPrevious:Multi box mounting bracketNext:EMT compression connectors– steel
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