4-11/16 cover

  • 4-11/16 Square to round device rings

    1.Applications: These raised device covers are used to mount many applications including, light fixtures, ceiling covers, and security cameras.2.Advantages: Square-to-round device rings convert a square box to a round ceiling or wall opening with 8-32 threaded mounting tabs for ceiling lights or wall sconce lights. The angled slots on the covers compensate for up to 12° of box misalignment on upright framing mem-bers.3.Field Names: Square-to-Round: switch cover, plaster ring, mud ring, drywall ring, mud cover, tile ring, switch ring, receptacle cover, raised device ring, raised device cover, 2
  • 4-11/16 Square combination – device and tile covers – single device

    Features• Ideal for exposed work applications, providing an easy method for the installation of electrical devices• Can be used on any 4-11/16″ square boxApplications• 4-11/16″ single gang device rings are used with 4-11/16″ square boxes to mount switches, receptacles and devices• Angled slots on the covers compensate for up to 12° of box misalignment on upright framing members• 4-11/16″ square covers are used to cover 4-11/16″ square box wiring and provide a means for access when future conduit runs are requiredStandard Material• Galvanized steelPrevious:4-11/16 Square to round device ringsNe
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